Hearing the words, “Honey, I’m pregnant,” will change your life more than almost anything you can imagine. It is the first step of a lifelong journey.

So unfasten your seat belt. You’re going to need some breathing room. Consider yourself about to experience the equivalent of being ejected out of a very high-flying, supersonically speeding rocket. Your life, as you in all the comfort you have known, is about to become undone.

Within this book are experiences and insights on fathering, written by someone who has traveled this path and taken notes! Help yourself to any thoughts or methods that will make you feel a little less like a fish out of water and more like the father you were born to be.

Your Great Awakening

When you choose to become actively involved in the raising of your child, you will be putting the rubber of your life to the pavement of your reality. You will be involved in things you cannot yet imagine and things you cannot control. And this will happen every day. What awaits you is mind-blowing. You are the lucky one!