"Congratulations on your book release! I just purchased, read and LOVED it! Now it's sitting on my husband's bedside table awaiting his attention. I can't wait to discuss it with him. Thanks so much."

~ Jen Coleman

"This book made my heart smile.  Gary's spiritual approach to child rearing made me realize that every phase in childhood is a glorious thing to behold.  I'm basking in the delights of watching my own Whirling Dirvish become her own!"

~ Dyanne Chae

"Thanks very much for your book-- I've been really enjoying it. It's very direct, personal and informative."

~ Eric Powell

Very excited to see a book like this on the market! A total "hands on" involvement with dads and their kids. Simple, common sense. Gives dads the confidence to be 
that special part of their childrens life! Easy reading. Great for both dads and moms.

~ Carol Stipp

"I'm one of those people who folds up the bottom corner of the page when I have one of those 'ah ha!' moments. Either because I've learned something or it contained a particularly joyful thought. This book has a number of such up-turned pages and is looking a bit dog-eared, but loved..."

~ Carole Garcia

I've had a chance to read your charming, sweet book with so much important information about positive parenting/fathering! It's really a treasure.

Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN,