Book Synopsis

Gary Kleiman made a life altering choice 8 years ago.  At the age of 48, and mid-stream into two separate careers, Gary decided that he would full-time, single parent his two children.  So over the years, Gary took a lot of notes on life with his two children, now 8 and 12 years old. 

His notes and the hands-on practical experiences have become his first book, entitled “PREGNANT: A FIELD GUIDE TO FATHERING”.

This book, being a true field guide (and more), fits easily in your back pocket.  It also fits very easily into your budget.  It’s just $10.95.

The book is separated into two sections.  Part one is called “Getting Daddy Ready”.  This section concerns itself with doing just that.  It helps to build self-confidence, patience, and a general understanding of what to expect when a man becomes a father.  And just as important, it helps a man to make some choices on his own that will help make the transition into parenting a little bit smoother. More than anything, this book helps connect a man with his children.

Part two of the book is entitled “Field Guide to Your Child”.  This is the practical stuff.  It answers questions like:  How do you clip those teensy weensy finger nails without taking a little snip out of their finger?  With so many models on the market, which potty seat should I buy?  Or should I have one in the first place?  What about teething?  What diapers should I choose?  What about pets?  And chores?  And should the baby sleep in his parent’s bed?  Or in its own? 

Each chapter is short and to the point.  This book serves as a very helpful guideline to almost everything that will come up with you and your young child. It also has an excellent list of books at the end to guide you into more depth on a number of specific issues. 

At the end of the book is a section called “Notes:  In Your Own Words”.  These are blank pages so that the father can begin his own journal of observations and experiences, phone numbers and illustrations, and more.

“Pregnant: A Field Guide To Fathering” is a must have for all dads. In today’s world, where more and more men are taking an active role in the raising of their children, this book will inspire, amuse, encourage, and present tools from which every man can benefit.

Besides being a great book to buy for yourself, “Pregnant: A Field Guide To Fathering” is a great gift to give to any father you know.  (It really makes a great gift at a baby shower!)